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An dieser Stelle findet Ihr Links zu interessanten Texten, Initiativen und Institutionen.


The Oceanic Crisis: Capitalism and the Degradation of Marine Ecosystems Brett Clark and Rebecca Clausen – Text

Out of Sight & Out of Mind. A New Oceanic Imperialism Mike Skladany, Ben Belton, Rebecca Clausen – Text

High-Sea Drifters Ben Belton – Text

Offshore fish farming: The selling of common waters Anne Mosness – Text

Toward an Indigenous Aquaculture: Meeting Community Development, Food Security and Tribal Needs Ben Belton – Text

Frankenfish. Genetically Engineered Superfish are just around the corner Jeremy Brown – Text

The Future of 'The Commons': Neoliberalism´s 'Plan B' or The original Disaccumulation of Capital? ‐ George CaffentzisText

Brief history of the groundfishing industry of New England Text Teil 1 & Text Teil 2

Initiativen / Institutionen

• Fair Oceans – www.fair-oceans.info

• Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy – http://www.iatp.org/